We offer a variety of internet services to get our client teachers back to their podiums

Audition Management
We make audition and registration management a click-and-go affair for you, your membership and their students.
Program WebSites
Need to highlight your program on the internet? We build your custom or WordPress website that looks great AND respects your budget!
Event Management
Running an event but don't want to deal with the administrivia of getting everyone to your door? Let us get them there!
Office Assistant

What if you had an office assistant who 'got' what it is that you do and anticipated your needs throughout the school year?

Support and Service

Wrangling code is what we enjoy.  The real value we provide is being an extra pair of hands to help solve your problems through a simple click or call.


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What are our clients are saying about us?

McA: 2017

Best feature - Life saver Live chat!!! That was BRILLIANT, and I appreciate the effort that entailed. BRAVO!

KTMu: 2017

This has definitely streamlined the application process for me and my students. It took a little while to learn how to use the website properly, but once I did, I encountered few problems and was overall pleased with it. Thank you for all of your hard work making this process possible. Could not have survived without the 'live chat' help and support!! Thank you!!

MDre: 2017

…could make me coffee. Otherwise, it's great.

JLob: 2017

LOVED the chat feature. Made getting help/questions answered so much easier!


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